4632 - (2021) Pre Area Festival Test Riding Alnwick Ford EC with Harry Payne BD List 1

samedi, 3 juillet '21   1 jour
Alnwick Ford Equestrian, Longframlington, NE65 8EQ

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Have you qualified for the Summer Area Festival ?
Are you planning on going to Alnwick Ford?
Our test riding day will include your score sheet, feedback from the judge

We will have the arena dressed as per the festival, back ground music or you can ride your music test
All levels catered for from Prelim to Inter 1
Times will be issued by email 2 -3 days in advance.

Please note that to avoid any conflicts of interest the test riding judge will not be judging at the Festival


Usual training wear, boots and bandages are fine


BD Members/Club Members
30 MInute session

Alnwick Ford Equestrian
NE65 8EQ