Reaching for the Moon! 6

samedi, 8 juin '19   13:30 - 15:30
Sutton Coldfield Library, Red Rose Centre, 45, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1XX
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A hand-on science workshop for 8-12 year olds, exploring the inventions which got us to the Moon and back.

Today's workshop is all about medical inventions. Although the theme is the same as the morning workshop, the content of the afternoon workshop is different. You can book both morning and afternoon workshops, but you are responsible for your child between 12 midday and 1.30pm i.e. between the two workshops.

Tickets cost £3 and are non-refundable.

If the £3 ticket price would prevent you from attending this workshop please email as we are committed to making sure that our events are accessible by all.


Reaching for the moon! Workshop 6
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Sutton Coldfield Library
Red Rose Centre, 45
Sutton Coldfield
B72 1XX