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Go Wild With Nature -Terms & Conditions

Go Wild With Nature is a trading name of Caron Thom and thereafter in these terms and conditions “Go Wild With Nature”

Go Wild With Nature is a group for children and their accompanying adults. In these terms and conditions “you” will be used to refer to the adult making the booking and the adult accompanying the child at the forest school session. It is acknowledged that this may not always be the same person. However, it is the responsibility of the adult making the booking and agreeing to the terms and conditions to inform any other accompanying adult of them.

Forest School
By booking, you agree that Go Wild With Nature, any appointed staff and the landowners will not be liable now, or at any time in the future for any loss, expense, damage or claim you may have against them for any damages to you, your child or your property as a result of participation in a forest school session. Go Wild With Nature will only accept liability for physical injury to any client that is proven to result from direct negligence on the part of Go Wild With Nature.

Variation of consent by Go Wild With Nature
Go Wild With Nature sessions are subject to natural forces and whilst every reasonable effort is made to comply with course content Go Wild With Nature reserves the right to vary or modify a course itinerary at short notice in order to take advantage of naturally revealing conditions you acknowledge that the information provided by Go Wild With Nature is given to the best of our ability, but because of the variability of nature, it may be reasonable to alter or modify a course. In such circumstances, Go Wild With Nature will not be liable for any losses as a consequence of such a change and that Go Wild With Nature is limited accordingly.

First Aid
In the event of an accident/incident during a Go Wild With Nature session, you agree to you or your child receiving immediate first aid by a qualified First Aid leader. We will ensure that there is always a member of staff fully trained in first aid at each session.

Unless agreed in writing, payment for any booking with Go Wild With Nature is due at the time of booking. We are unable to hold or reserve places without payment.

You should ensure that you and your child are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for the Go Wild With Nature session. We also advise bringing a full set of spare clothes for you child.

Unaccompanied children
Go Wild With Nature session are for children accompanied by the parent or career with a maximum of two children per adult. Unaccompanied children will not be allowed to take part in sessions, unless sessions are specifically setup to provide this, (i.e., holiday club). Additionally, we cannot allow you to take part if you appear to be unfit to provide for the safety of your child or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you or your child develops an infectious illness you must not attend a Go Wild With Nature session for a minimum of 48 hours after the illness, in compliance with Public Health England guidance. Unfortunately Go Wild With Nature will not offer any refunds in the case of participants illness or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Termination of services
Go Wild With Nature reserves the right to terminate any booking immediately in the event that any fees remain unpaid or where any of the terms and conditions are breached.

COVID-19 updated refund Policy

You will be credited the full cost of workshops/sessions under the following circumstances, which you will be able to redeem against a future workshop/session.

*If workshops/sessions have to be cancelled due to a local or national lockdown or government guidance dictates that we are no longer allowed to stay open.

*If you are unable to attend as a result of needing to self-isolate and you let us know BEFORE the workshop/session begins.

*If you or child attend the workshop/session and you or your child have a high temperature recorded by our contactless temperature check and therefore unable to attend.

Standard Refund Policy.

Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis and a booking needs to be made for each half-term as bookings are not automatically carried forward.

Bookings are only secured when payment has been made through our website and a confirmation email has been sent to you.

Tickets are not refundable or exchangeable under our terms and conditions.

In the event of a cancellation due to circumstances outside our control (e.g., bad weather), a refund will not be provided, however an effort will be made to find alternative dates or sessions for participants to attend. No guarantee of availability for alternative sessions is given.

In the event of a cancellation due to circumstance within our control a refund will be given.

We will cancel sessions if we have high winds (over 35mph), thunderstorms & icy roads. A text message will be sent to you.

Go Wild With Nature - Privacy Policy
Data Protection & Privacy Policy 18th May 2018

Go Wild With Nature takes your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to process your bookings & to provide the products and series you have specifically requested from us. We will never sell or rent your information to third parties for their marketing purposes.
This policy aims to inform you:

  • • Why we collect your personal data
  • • How we use and store your personal data
  • • How to amend or delete your personal data that we hold
  • • Other services that we use and their privacy

For session bookings made through Bookwhen.com and Happity.co.uk – How we use your information.

Any information submitted, by you, when booking at Go Wild With Nature will only be used for the administration of the sessions and to ensure your health and safety when you attend a Go Wild With Nature session/workshop.

By submitting a booking with Go Wild With Nature you consent to us using your personal information for safety purposes and if necessary, consent to us sharing the personal data submitted with the Emergency Services and our Public Liability Insurance provider (Birnbeck Finance Ltd https://www.birnbeckinsurance.co.uk

The personal data we hold for our Go Wild With Nature sessions include:

  • • Your name (the name of the adult making the booking)
  • • Your child’s name (the name of the child attending the Go Wild With Nature sessions.
  • • Your telephone/ mobile number
  • • Your email address
  • • the details of any pre-existing medical conditions or allergies you have advised us of
  • • the details of any Special Educational Needs you have advised us of

By submitting a booking will also consent to photographs being taken during the session(s) you have booked and understand that these may be used for Go Wild With Nature promotional purposes.
By submitting a booking, you are consenting to us holding your own personal data, but are also giving parental consent to us holding the personal data of your child (who is attending the session) on their behalf. However, your individual rights under the General Data Protection Regulations are the same.

Your personal details will be recorded, processed and kept securely in both paper and digital formats by Go Wild With Nature in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. We will continue to hold your personal data after the sessions for insurance purposes.

Your booking was made through bookwhen.com or happity.co.uk who will also hold your personal information- bookwhen.com & happity.co.uk privacy policy can be found here: https://bookwhen.com/privacy

Payment for your booking was made through Stripe, who will also hold some of your personal data- a copy of Stripe privacy policy can be found here: https://stripe.com/gb/privacy

Email Newsletter maintained through Mailchimp – How we use your information:

Go Wild With Nature use email mailing list for marketing purposes using the services provides by MailChimp. You will only receive our marketing email if you opted in via booking page.

The personal data we hold for our marketing emails includes:

  • • your name
  • • your email address

We will only hold your information on the MailChimp website and will only hold it for the duration of us sending you marketing emails through this service. All marketing emails will include an “unsubscribe link”. Mailchimp will also hold this personal data- a copy of MailChimp privacy policy can be found here: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/

Your rights to amend or delete your data
You may ask us to amend or delete your personal data we hold at any time, by email to caron@gowildwithnature.co.uk

However, if you request the deletion of your data prior to attending a session that you have booked, we will have to cancel your booking for health and safety reasons.

Any requests regarding your data will be processed in 30 days.

The person maintaining your data is Caron Thom (Trading a Go Wild With Nature)

Go Wild With Nature use a number of external services for marketing purposes, who may also collect your personal data when you visit and use their web services:

We use Facebook Services Through Facebook pages www.facebook.com/gowildwithnature and Instagram www.instagram.com/gowildwithnature