Helensburgh Sailing Club - Club Membership/Dinghy Hire.

Welcome! This is where you can book a club dinghy for use during one of our sailing sessions and/or join Helensburgh Sailing Club as a temporary member.

Dinghies are available for hire to club members during club sailing sessions which operate as follows:

Thursday evening 6.45pm - 9pm: Recreational Sailing or Racing (Series2)

Sunday morning 10.30am - 12.30pm: Recreational Sailing

To hire a dinghy, please select from the dates below...

Temporary membership is available from June through August. There are two categories of temporary membership - 'ADULT' and 'COUPLE OR FAMILY'. A family includes two adults and all children residing at the same address.

You can either:

- Pay for one month (you will find membership options by scrolling down to the end of the month required)


- Buy all three summer months (June/July and August) at once by selecting 'SUMMER 2019' membership (this category can be found in the schedule at the end of the month of June).

Please bear with us - this is a new bookings system for HSC and whilst we have done our best to ensure the information included here is accurate and up to date, if errors are found HSC will contact you by email to rectify any problems

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