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Yoga Nidra Workshop

avec Rachel
lundi, 28 mars '22   19:45 – 21:00 BST
Holmfirth Yoga and Pilates, 39 Huddersfield Road....First floor, Holmfirth, HD9 3JH
5 places disponibles
Yoga Nidra Workshop


Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is the practice of profound rest.
This ancient practice of the yogis allows the body and mind to drop into a state of deep rest and relaxation. It is said that 30 minutes in Yoga Nidra, is equivalent to 2-4 hours of sleep. Through the practice, brainwaves lower to delta and the autonomic nervous system moves into a parasympathetic state, often referred to as rest and digest. In this place of deep relaxation your body and mind are able to rest and restore. Much healing can take place.
It is also in this place of deep relaxation, that you can be receptive to your own innermost knowing and inner guidance. From this place you will be invited to set your heartfelt intention (known as a Sankalpa), for the year ahead.
During the practice, your mind will be guided toward awareness of sensation, feeling, imagery and the space of peace and calm that resides within. You will be expertly guided through this experience and out the other end, feeling rested, recharged and refreshed.
The practice requires nothing more of you than to show up. The majority of the class will be laying down and staying still. Please do wrap up warm as your body temperature will drop. You may also want to bring extra blankets and cushions for your comfort.
As absolutely no physical movement is required, this workshop is suitable for absolutely everybody. Nothing is required from you at all. Simply to be there is enough.




Holmfirth Yoga and Pilates
39 Huddersfield Road....First floor

Entry to the studio is to the rear of the building. Parking opposite or to the rear of the library free after 4pm


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