Primary TA Maths SKE and Intervention work group

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Dates du cours

  • jeu, 15 nov. '18   13:30 - 16:30  - terminé
  • jeu, 29 nov. '18   13:30 - 16:30  - terminé
  • jeu, 13 déc. '18   13:30 - 16:30  - terminé
  • jeu, 17 jan. '19   13:30 - 16:30  - terminé
  • jeu, 31 jan. '19   13:30 - 16:30  - terminé
  • jeu, 14 fév. '19   13:30 - 16:30  - terminé

Our Primary Teaching Assistant Subject Knowledge Enhancement & Intervention Programme is designed to develop Teaching Assistants’ (TAs) maths subject knowledge so they can deliver high quality intervention sessions to children in Years 4, 5 and 6.

The programme is aimed at TA’s who support children with gaps in their knowledge on place value and addition and subtraction. The programme comprises of 20 fully planned and resourced intervention lessons, a pre and post assessment and 6 afternoon training sessions. Although this is designed as ‘catch up’ intervention, once TAs are trained it could easily be used as ‘keep up’ intervention for younger children.

Who is this for?

The course is suitable for Primary TAs who support children with their learning of mathematics. We are looking for schools to send two TAs on our training sessions during which they will learn how to deliver intervention lessons in depth and will be provided with a supply of all resources needed. The lessons will very much have a concrete-pictorial-abstract focus which will help children gain a more thorough understanding of basic mathematical concepts.


Billet pour un cours - pour toute les toutes les 6 dates.
The programme will be fully funded through East Midlands East Maths Hub however it is imperative that participants attend all 6 days and commit to the gap tasks in between. We will not however be able to cover the cost of release time for the TAs taking part. We reserve the right to charge a non-attendance fee of £15 per session to cover our costs.

Venue to be confirmed