Developing The E+R=O Mindset: 6 Mental Frameworks That Create Confidence, Performance, and Fulfillment

Tuesday, 11 May '21   12pm – 1:30pm EDT

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All of life fits into E+R=O. Event + Response = Outcome. There is nothing that happens to you or because of you that can’t be understood through the lens of E+R=O.

E+R=O is a tool, not a concept. Tools are hands on. Tools get used. Tools require practice and skill. The beauty of E+R=O is that it applies even if you don’t apply it.

If you want to be purposeful and skillful with your life, build The E+R=O Mindset. Go all in. Make it your operating system. Make it your lifestyle.

We’re going to apply simple, systematic, timeless discipline to three things:
• What you do.
• What you don’t do.
• How you do it.
Simple skills, systematically organized, and executed with discipline. Simple eliminates excuses and requires action. Systems organize and make skills useful across all situations. Timeless focuses on skills that are permanent and reliable.

E+R=O is the way life works. Let's get good at it!

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