GB Pickleball


GB Pickleball – working hard to develop the image of the game and Pickleball popularity across the nation, we have set ourselves some ambitious targets for training development which will hopefully contribute towards the recognition of Pickleball in the future

Our Mission

GB Pickleball is committed to leading the growth of, and excellence of Pickleball in Great Britain.

Our Vision

GB Pickleball will lead by creating innovative, exciting new opportunities for people to enjoy pickleball
GB Pickleball will respect the diverse communities within the game and will be ethically driven
GB Pickleball will develop world class structures and events to enable those with the potential to succeed
GB Pickleball will celebrate, support and develop staff and volunteers through all of the games
GB Pickleball’s image will be recognised and respected by stakeholders
Our Values


Pickleball is an active, exciting game played by all ages


Pickleball is Inclusive in all opportunities that are offered to players of all standards and ages irrespective of gender and background.


Pickleball is a social game enjoyed by all regardless of age or experience


Pickleball initiatives and programmes are innovative in their approach


Pickleball is positive for all those who take part in or contribute towards it


Pickleball is competitive in all its forms, indoor, outdoor or wheelchair.


GB Pickleball is supportive of all our staff and volunteers

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March, 2019
31 Sun 9:30am - 3:30pm Level 1 Pickleball Coaching Course - Ashford Leisure Trust
15 Sat 11am - 4pm Pickleball Level 1 Coaching Course - Champneys Springs
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