Attention Autism Online Level 1 Feedback and coaching course: Afternoon Sessions

18 spaces available
Attention Autism Online Level 1 Feedback and coaching course: Afternoon Sessions

This is an online event.

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Course dates

  • Thu, 4 Nov '21   1pm – 1:45pm GMT - done
  • Thu, 18 Nov '21   1pm – 1:45pm GMT - done

Check in and update your practice!


Has it been a while since you attended the Attention Autism Programme 2 day training? This course is for you! It is a live online course to help you check in, update your practice and get individual feedback and coaching.

We will take you through 2 x 45 minute workshops live online including core strategies, demonstrations, hints and tips.

We ask you to send us 2 films during the course of you going through the stages delivering the session to camera. No children are necessary in the film, a row of chairs or teddies will do so there are no complications about getting permissions to film.

Following the first workshop online we ask you to send us a film of stages 1 & 2 which we will watch and give you individual feedback in detail. We run the next workshop and ask for another film, this time Stages 3 & 4. Again we give you Individual feedback and on meeting the standard for Level 1 we will happily send you a certificate to say you have done so!

Please note this course is not and is not intended to be a shortened version of the 2 day training there is so much more to the programme than that! You do need to have attended the 2 day training before applying please.

In this course we will cover the following

  • Why use Attention Autism?

  • Core strategies

  • Practical hints and tips

  • Setting up Attention Autism Sessions

  • The practicalities of running sessions with all 4 stages of the programme

  • Hints and tips about the role of the leading and supporting adults

  • Building understanding and spontaneous expression

  • Building confidence in using the Attention Autism Programme

  • Using the programme to inspire attention and share great times with the group

How it works

The training is spread over 2 live, 45-minute sessions with Gina Davies the work will be illustrated with live demonstrations and illustrated with supporting videos.

The course structure

The course will consist of 2 sessions spread over several weeks.

Session 1

  • Setting up a group

  • Getting the environment right

  • Core strategies

  • Maintaining an irresistible invitation to learn

  • Stage 1 hints and tips

  • Stage 2 hints and tips

Session 2

  • When to add the next stage

  • Using the best quality communication both verbal and non-verbal

  • Building vocabulary and understanding

  • Encouraging spontaneous expression

  • Stage 3 Hints and tips

  • Stage 4 hints and tips

How much it costs

This course is available at a cost of £80 and is limited to 30 places.

Some important details

  • All sessions are in English and run at 1:00 pm on Thursdays but all nationalities are welcome!

  • The programme will start on 4th November 2021

  • Session dates are:

    • 4th November 2021, Thursday 1.00-1:45 pm UK time
    • 18th November 2021, Thursday 1.00-1.45am UK time
  • The workshop is live via Zoom and therefore only available at the specified times. Please check your diaries to ensure you're free

Specific details on how to access the programme will be made available on booking.

See you online!

So book your place now, jump on a Zoom and work with us live in workshops as we dust off our buckets and get our shower curtains and baskets ready!


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18 available
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