April 10-12: 3-Day Hostile Environments & Emergency First Aid—Essential Skills (Nairobi)

Tuesday, 10 April, 2018   3 days
Nairobi, Kenya

Our best selling class, this 3-Day course is popular among journalists, NGO workers, and others. The HEFAT Essential Skills class imparts key skills to navigate moderate- to high-risk environments. The curriculum covers emergency first-aid including vehicle accidents and improvised stretchers & carries, situational awareness, weapons & ballistics, risk reduction, travel security, basic digital hygiene, personal safety against street crime, sexual assault & hostile mobs, tactical stress management, ordnance & combat hazards, interrogations & captivity. The 3-Day Essential Skills course is a time- and cost-effective option that meets duty of care and insurance industry standards for most personnel.



Nairobi, Kenya