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Pre & Post Natal Massage Appointments

Specialist pre and post natal massage offers a wide range of benefits to the expectant and new mother. In pregnancy it is suitable during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters and into any overdue period. Post birth it is suitable for at least the first year (if not the second too!) whilst you may be breastfeeding and your body begins to resettle and rebalance.

It can help with stress, aids deep relaxation and helps to support a positive state of mind and therefore helps with birth. A relaxed and happy mother is one who is more likely to cope well with labour, cope with common challenges and bond closely with their baby. It helps with tiredness, aches and pains and provides relief from all kinds of minor ailments often experienced during pregnancy and post pregnancy, including swelling, headaches, back pain and pelvic girdle pain.

Massage and essential oils support and complement relaxation techniques learnt at a range of antenatal classes. It can also help prevent stretch marks by keeping the skin intensely moisturised and well nourished and helps the mother to feel good about her body both during and post pregnancy. The positive touch of massage is highly therapeutic and when experienced by the mother-to-be often supports her in using her own tactile sense to deeply bond with her baby.

Near your due date or when overdue, the deep tranquility provided by massage therapy can support the mind and body to progress towards a natural labour by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and hormones…in particular oxytocin.

Treatment appointments last 1 hour and are available at both our Daventry & Northampton clinical bases. Cost is £75 and includes a bespoke oil blend to take away. Monthly subscription package available. Gift vouchers are available on request. Prepayment is required. T&C’s apply.

From 7 Feb 2023
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