Training Programme

Two outstanding schools lead our teaching school: St. Ives Primary & Nursery School & Three Legged Cross First & Nursery School, as part of a local learning partnership. We are a group of six schools committed to improve teaching and learning for our communities.

Our aim is to offer a range of professional developmental opportunities for heads, teachers, teaching assistants and other school support staff, through the training and events we provide.

We are constantly aiming to continue to meet the needs of individuals, groups or schools and we are therefore very keen to receive your requests for any training and events that you would like us to provide. We are also able to provide bespoke training available to meet the specific needs of individuals, groups or schools and have held various successful bespoke courses at the request of local schools.

Early Years Support & Improvement
We are committed to providing development to other schools and providers, fostering collaboration and sharing best practice in early years.

From 26 Jul 2021
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