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Telling & Talking Online workshop for parents of children aged 0-7 years - Mum & Dads

szombat, 2 július '22   09:30 – 17:00 BST
Zoom - Online
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Telling & Talking Online workshop for parents of children aged 0-7 years - Mum & Dads

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This workshop is for parents of donor-conceived children aged 0-7 years (Unfortunately, we are unable to have babies or children around during these workshops. You will need to ensure you have alternative child-care arranged for your child(ren) for the duration of the course, as it is a full and intensive programme).

They are equally appropriate whether you had treatment in the UK or abroad, with a known, identifiable or anonymous donor or if your treatment involved surrogacy. You may be wondering how to start talking to your child about their donor-conceived origins, or you may have already begun this process and would like to explore what may come up in the future.


The workshop will be delivered on Zoom, supported by a WhatsApp group. For most of the workshop you will work in couples (a laptop, tablet or PC with audiovisual capabilities is required) but for some small group work you will require an additional device (a smart phone is fine) and space in your home to work individually. Please contact Jo at if you wish to discuss this further.
Please note this is a 1 day workshop (Saturday) with an hour's introduction on the Friday evening 7.30 - 8.30 pm to allow you to meet the facilitators and say hello before the workshop on Saturday and check that your technology is working.


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Zoom - Online