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Meditation Group

hétfő, 12 december '22   19:00 – 20:30 GMT
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Monthly meditation instruction and practice taught by Jonathan Clewley and Lucy Murray on alternate months.

The practice will be informed by Tibetan Buddhism which Jonathan and Lucy both practice. There will be background theory and periods of practice, guided initially and then silent. You can sit in a chair, on a cushion or stool. There may be very simple movements so that you will not be sitting too long at a stretch.

We will do our best to record the important parts of the class so that you can use this throughout the following month to support home practice. There may also be handouts which will be emailed out a day or so after class.

Meditation instruction is progressive, however, beginners and returners will always be warmly welcomed and integrated into the group.


Please bring whatever you need to sit comfortably such as a meditation cushion, yoga blocks etc. In winter you might like to bring a blanket to wrap around yourself. A notebook and pen may come in handy.

Please note parts of this class may be recorded. If you speak during the practice your voice will be on the recording.



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