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Seed Starting Skills

péntek, 8 április '22   17:00 – 21:00 EDT
Michigan Folk School Campus, 7734 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105
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Growing your own plants from seed frees you from the expense and limitations of store bought flats, gives you access to infinite varieties, and helps you extend your season! In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate how to successfully start your garden plants from seed yourself. We will learn about varying needs for light, heat, moisture, timing, nutrition and disease prevention that are crucial to seedlings. We will explore options in lighting and heat setups, seed choice, and seedling handling. When you master these skills, you can grow healthy, chemical-free baby plants at a low cost, increase self-sufficiency and sustainability, growing a larger garden, and experiment with rare and heirloom plants and vegetables.

Minimális szint: Beginner


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Michigan Folk School Campus
7734 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48105