Online Classes with Olivia Wood - Movement Medicine

Olivia is an experienced yoga teacher, healing therapist and wellbeing facilitator. She brings a warm, open and grounded energy to her classes, creating a safe and sacred space for the whole of you to show up and feel welcome.


"Olivia teaches beautifully and gently. My body felt at ease listening to her voice and soft instruction. I felt I was in a trusted space. Thank you." - Beena

"Olivia is a great Yoga coach! I felt super relaxed and peaceful after last week's session. Thank you Olivia." - Gozde

"Olivia takes strong and nourishing Yoga to new depths.” - Leonie

"Olivia is truly passionate about healing and how she connects to the people that she's sharing her magic with!” - Artem

"There is a big difference between a good instructor and a talented one.” - Ed

12 máj. 2021-től
május, 2021
17 h. 19:00 BST YUMMY YIN
23 v. 11:00 BST SHAKE 'n' SHIMMY
24 h. 19:00 BST YUMMY YIN
31 h. 19:00 BST YUMMY YIN
7 h. 19:00 BST YUMMY YIN
14 h. 19:00 BST YUMMY YIN
21 h. 19:00 BST YUMMY YIN
28 h. 19:00 BST YUMMY YIN
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