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The Suggestibles' School of Improv presents Friday and Saturday night showcases at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle. Hosted and directed by The Suggestibles, and performed by up and coming improvisers from School of Improv, the Rat Race improv comedy challenge and 4 1 Night Only long-form shows are held on alternating months. Following each show is an ‘Improv Jam’ open to our students and guest improvisers to play in. Our last show of the year at Alphabetti is followed by Glitter Curtain Cabaret.

We also premiere a brand new improv comedy night this December. The Panic Room at Bobik's, upstairs at the Punchbowl in Jesmond.

Go to The Suggestibles website for everything you need to know about our improv company.

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Browse the Schedule and click-through for Tickets from Alphabetti’s Box Office. Book Tickets to our Bobik's shows directly from us

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