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Rights – Understood, Advocated, and Exercised! (FREE Virtual Event)

csütörtök, 27 október '22   12:30 – 15:00 CDT
Rights – Understood, Advocated, and Exercised! (FREE Virtual Event)

Ez egy online esemény. A csatlakozási utasításokat a foglalás után kapjuk meg.


The Rights Workbook and this course are presented using funding provided by DHS to help ensure people have access to the highest quality home and community based supports.

Is it your responsibility to go over rights with the people you support? Do you need to make sure your staff are advocating for people’s rights? Are you ensuring people are exercising their rights? Through this training, we will explore ideas on how to explain rights in a way that people can understand using a newly developed Rights Workbook. We will look at balancing advocating and exercising rights with the responsibilities that come with them. Join us as we help you to increase your knowledge so you can empower the people you support to put their rights into action!


Registered participants will have access to the session recording for two weeks following the training.


Free Virtual Event
Elérhető cs. 27 okt. 09:00-ig

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