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Tai Ji Circle Workshop Schedule

Tai Ji Circle is a London charity dedicated to sharing Chen Taijiquan (tai chi) and qi gong, traditional exercise practice that embody Chinese cultural ideas for health and well-being suitable for everyone to try. We hold classes and workshops teaching foundation and Chen routines for beginners to advanced levels, with free monthly sessions in Camden Square gardens or currently live online and two free weekly online daytime community Chen Foundation classes suitable for all ages. So come and join us for some expert training with Master Liu Quanjun, either at our workshops or classes, in our venues or live online with Zoom. When Shifu Liu Quanjun is unavailable his classes and workshops are taught by his Chen Taijiquan disciples Michael and Mathew, with 20th generation Chen disciple Chris and founder with Shifu Liu of TJC.

7 okt. 2022-től
október, 2022
15 szo. 13:00 BST 15.10.2022: Chen Tai Ji Single Sword, London Workshop with Shifu Liu
22 szo. 13:00 BST 22.10.2022: Classic Chen Taijiquan, Laojia Yi Lu – In Venue
29 szo. 11:30 BST TJC's Free Monthly Saturday Tai Chi in the Park – Online
13:00 BST 29.10.2022: Classic Chen Taijiquan, Laojia Er Lu Form + Function – In Venue
26 szo. 11:30 GMT TJC's Free Monthly Saturday Tai Chi in the Park – Online
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