Preparing for an Appeal Tribunal, Part 2

kedd, 25 augusztus '20   09:45 - 12:45

This is Part 2 of a two part course. You may book this part separately or via Part 1 for the complete course.

Part 2:
9.45am - 12.45pm

  • Writing the submission
  • Attending the hearing

Preparing for an Appeal Tribunal, Part 2 teaches participants how to compose an effective written submission to a tribunal ahead of an appeal hearing. After the break participants learn how to prepare a claimant for an oral appeal hearing.

By the end of Part 2 participants will:

  • Have an understanding of the decision making and appeals framework and the different mechanisms for getting a decision changed;
  • Know how to check for inconsistencies in the claimant’s evidence and how to manage inconsistencies;
  • Have practiced working on a real life case example.
  • Be able to check key documents within a DWP submission;
  • Know how to form effective arguments to challenge inaccuracies in the DWP submission;
  • Know when and how it is appropriate to obtain further evidence to support an appeal.
  • Be aware of Tribunal Procedure and how an oral hearing is conducted;
  • Be able to prepare the claimant so they can present in the most appropriate way and help the tribunal reach the right decision;
  • Know what can be done if the claimant is unhappy with the outcome of the hearing.

Methods of delivery
This course is delivered online live with a BTC trainer. It is a practical course delivered using a combination of trainer presentation, exercises and case studies, group discussion and games. Before the course, participants will be provided with a Dropbox link to PowerPoint slide handouts, a comprehensive training pack pdf and supporting materials.

Intended audience
This course is for staff working with people of all ages who are affected by a health condition or a disability and challenging a benefits decision at tribunal (note that a working age PIP case study is used). A working knowledge of Personal Independence Payment and the Work Capability Assessment is assumed.

Certificates & post course support
Named participants completing the whole course (2 x half days) will receive an e-certificate and regular benefits news updates and guarantees access our free 12 months post-course advice service.


In the week before the course, you will receive an email with Zoom link(s) to the course and a Dropbox link to access the pack/slides which are in pdf format. You will need to download (or print) the pack (and slides, if you wish) before each part of the course.

You will need a good wifi connection and a suitable computer/laptop to access both the Zoom session and the pack throughout. You may wish to use a separate device for the pack (or split your screen) if you cannot or do not wish to print.

We recommend participants log in a few minutes beforehand. You may also wish to have a pen and paper handy to make notes.


Single part ticket
This ticket is for Part 2 (half a day) only. To book onto the whole course, please go to Part 1.
£70 + ÁFA