ESRC IAA Business Boost


The University of East Anglia (UEA) & South East Network for Social Sciences (SeNSS) Business Boost programme aims to extend opportunities for interaction between SeNSS postgraduate research (PhD) students and non-academic research users and practitioners and the business sector. Students will have access to individual business mentors as part of the programme, which will comprise a series of workshops and online training designed to:

• Promote the benefits of business engagement to PhD students
• Help PhD students to effectively engage with industry and create business links
• Build the knowledge, skills, and confidence of PhD students to understand and proactively respond to the needs of industry and business partners and address critical societal issues
• Enable PhD students to access wider career networks and opportunities

Booking Information

Available training events can be booked via the schedule below. New events will be added to the booking schedule as they are announced, so please check this site for updates.
If you have any problems with any aspect of your booking or would like further details of an event, please e-mail [] and we will be happy to help.

How to Book

To book a particular event just click on the relevant entry in the schedule below. The events will appear in the schedule only when they are open for booking. Go to Book this Session, click Select and then View Selections. You will be asked to provide your full name, university affiliation, and e-mail address (please use an official university e-mail address if you have one). When you confirm your booking you will receive an e-mail confirmation to the address you have provided with details of the event. Please read the mail and keep it safe - for online events, it includes the hyperlink that will allow you access to the virtual classroom. You will receive a further e-mail, five days before the relevant event, reminding you of your booking. If you find you can’t attend for some reason, please cancel your booking in advance. Instructions about how to cancel are provided below.

Waiting Lists

If the session you want to book is full, you can still add your name to a waiting list. Having your name on the waiting list opens the possibility that you might subsequently receive an e-mail offering you the chance to book a place. You will need to respond to this mail quickly (within one hour), or the place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list, the next, and so on. The first person to respond to their waiting list e-mail will get the place.

Accessing/Setting Up the Virtual Classroom Software

In order to attend the online training, you will need to download the appropriate virtual classroom software, provided by Electa-Live. This can be accessed direct from the Electa website at: []. Please do this as soon as possible and do not wait for the evening of the session. The software can be downloaded to a PC, laptop, tablet, or even a smart phone. Remember, however, that downloading to a work computer may require administrative permissions to be granted. For this reason, the use of a personal computer is often the easier option. If you are having problems, or would like to receive a test hyperlink to ensure the software is downloaded and working correctly, please e-mail [].

Cancelling Your Booking

Please cancel your booking if you are unable to attend so that we can offer someone else the opportunity to attend. There is likely to be a waiting list for most events and someone else will happily take your place. You can cancel up to one working day prior to the event using your booking mail - click on View Booking, then Ticket Options, and finally Cancel Ticket. Alternatively, you can email: []. PLEASE NOTE: If you fail to attend two booked events without cancelling in advance (or without mailing [] to offer suitable apologies and excuses), any further bookings you have made will automatically be cancelled. Please attend diligently! Thanks for your help with this. #Sign up, Turn up!

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