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A creative studio for adults and children - Open to the public. Classes, parties, workshops and open studio
OPEN TIMES MON- THUR 9.30am-2pm and 4pm-5.30pm FRI- SAT 9.30-2pm SUN or after hours by appointment only

Da 5 dic 2022
dicembre, 2022
5 lun Corso: 1 data ART LAB Mondays 5-9 years TERM 4
6 mar Corso: 1 data ART LAB Tuesdays 10-13 years TERM 4
8 gio Corso: 1 data ART LAB Thursdays 14-17 years TERM 4
14 mer 10:30 AEST KIDS snow Globe Coasters/ Ornaments
17 sab 13:00 AEST CLAY Christmas Gnome Workshop- ALL AGES
gennaio, 2023
2 lun 10:30 AEST Kids Holiday Pour Clocks and Canvas
4 mer 10:30 AEST DIY Squiggle Touch Lamps
14 sab 18:00 AEST ADULTS Ceramic Mug Building WORKSHOP
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