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Attention Autism for Professionals Online

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Attention Autism for Professionals Online

Questo è un evento online.

Le istruzioni per l'iscrizione saranno fornite dopo la prenotazione.

Date del corso

  • lun, 14 nov '22   13:00 – 14:15 GMT
  • mar, 15 nov '22   13:00 – 14:15 GMT
  • lun, 28 nov '22   13:00 – 14:15 GMT
  • mar, 29 nov '22   13:00 – 14:15 GMT
  • lun, 5 dic '22   13:00 – 14:15 GMT
  • mar, 6 dic '22   13:00 – 14:15 GMT


An online Attention Autism training programme for professionals

7.5 hours of live training with Attention Autism Trainers Siobhan Ray and Lyndsay Barlow

In this series of six workshops and individual feedback and coaching, we will cover all 4 stages of the Attention Autism Programme, discuss the ideas behind it and use real-life examples to show exactly how and why it works.

You will learn how to connect, get focused attention, keep it, share it and use it to develop communication. This is supported through the individual coaching and feedback we provide based on the films that we invite you to submit as part of the course.

In this course we will cover the following

  • Understanding the ideas that drive the Attention Autism programme
  • Getting the child’s attention, keeping it and sharing it
  • Building, understanding and confidence in getting the message
  • Developing communication and spontaneous expression
  • Individualising sessions for each child and including the curriculum
  • Creating activities that are worth communicating about and inspire learning
  • Creating sessions that everyone enjoys and remembers

How it works

The training is spread over 6 live, 75 minute sessions with Siobhan Ray & Lyndsay Barlow, so you can get the programme into action between workshops. We will cover all 4 stages of the Attention Autism programme, illustrated with supporting videos and live activity demonstrations.

We ask you to send us videos as you try the stages of the programme so we can coach you individually and give feedback. In this way we are looking to support you as individuals as you apply the programme with the children.

The course structure

The course will consist of 6 sessions, spread over a number of weeks and the submission of 2 films.

Session 1

  • An introduction to the ideas that drive Attention Autism
  • Understanding how attention develops
  • Involving the team
  • Getting practical and ready to set up a session.

Session 2

  • Starting the Attention Autism Programme
  • Introducing Stage 1
  • Modelling as a strategy for increasing spontaneous communication
  • Ideas and resources
  • Sorting the practicalities and differentiation to meet the needs of each child

Film 1 submission - see date below

Session 3

  • Working out when you are ready for the next stage in the programme
  • Introducing Stage 2
  • Getting our communication on track
  • Using words to label things, make comments and develop understanding
  • Building vocabulary
  • Ideas and resources
  • Tackling any problems and sharing successes!

Session 4

  • Holding the boundaries cheerfully
  • Using voice and sounds to create successful communication for both verbal and non-verbal children
  • More about communication and how to encourage understanding and spontaneous expression
  • The role of fun and fascination in inspiring a love of learning
  • Ideas for games and activities

Session 5

  • Getting the practice in and enjoying sessions
  • Using fun and laughter to help with frustrations and confusions
  • Starting Stage 3
  • Understanding how shifting attention can lead to successful turn taking
  • Ideas and resources

Session 6

  • More Stage 3
  • Creating games
  • Stage 4 and running an Attention Autism session with all 4 stages
  • Understanding how to use the things learnt so far across the day
  • Working through the things that might go wrong and staying on track
  • Keeping going!

Film 2 submission - see date below

How much it costs

This course is available at a cost of £295.00 per person, and is limited to 25 places to give each person the space they need to be heard.

Some important details

All sessions are in English and run from 1.00pm-2.15pm UK time but all nationalities are welcome!

The programme will start on Monday14th November 2022

Session dates are:

Session 1 - Monday 14th November 2022
Session 2 - Tuesday 15th November 2022
Session 3 - Monday 28th November 2022
Session 4 - Tuesday 29th November 2022
Session 5 - Monday 5th December 2022
Session 6 - Tuesday 6th December 2022

The workshop is live via Zoom and therefore only available at the specified times. Please check your diaries to ensure you're free

As part of the training course we ask you to send us videos as you try the stages of the programme so we can coach you individually and give feedback. In this way we are looking to support you as individuals as you apply the programme with the children.

The film submission dates for this course are 6pm Monday 21st November 2022 for the first film and 6pm Monday 12th December 2022 for the second film. We realise that working lives can be busy so we’re sharing these submission dates with you now so that you are able to protect a bit of time to prepare them.

Specific details on how to access the programme will be sent to you by email before the start of the course.

See you online!

So book your place now, jump on Zoom and work with us live each week as we create an irresistible invitation to learn with each child!


Attention Autism for Professionals Online
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