lunedì, 26 febbraio '18   17:50 - 18:20
Wildridings Primary School, Netherton, Berkshire, Bracknell, RG12 7DX
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Kettlercise® brings kettlebell training screaming into the 21st century – ‘one piece of equipment, one goal’. This program delivers a lean, toned body ............fat burning just got real simple.

The Kettlercise® program follows the B.S.M. System, raising the metabolic rate skywards, ‘gaining a more bang for your buck’ complete all over body workout to music.

It’s a stimulating, invigorating, safe and easy-to-follow, kettlebell inspired, calorie blitzing, fat blasting program and people everywhere are loving the lightening quick RESULTS!

Please note you will need a Kettlebell for this class no heavier than 12kg.

You can:

  • hire a bell for just £1 per class (You must book to hire online, to ensure I have enough equipment)

*order your own Kettlercise Kettlebell direct from me (please allow at least 10 days for delivery)

  • bring your own. ********************************************************************************

This class is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.
Anyone suffering from injury or illness must have their doctors permission before taking part in any physical exercise.

Please note we operate a strict Cancellation Policy for more information visit


Kettlercise Class & Bell Hire
Your ticket includes 1 class & hire of 1 bell (first come first served)
Kettlercise Class ONLY
This is for 1 Kettlercise class only. Please ensure you provide your own Kettlebell (no heavier than 8kg)

Wildridings Primary School
Berkshire, Bracknell
RG12 7DX