Drawing and Painting- Saturday Morning, 10-12 noon

Sculpture Lounge, Holmbridge Mill, Bank Lane, Holmbridge, Holmfirth, HD9 2NE
Drawing and Painting- Saturday Morning, 10-12 noon

Course dates

  • Sat, 11 Sep '21   10am – 12pm BST - done
  • Sat, 18 Sep '21   10am – 12pm BST - done
  • Sat, 25 Sep '21   10am – 12pm BST
  • Sat, 9 Oct '21   10am – 12pm BST
  • Sat, 6 Nov '21   10am – 12pm GMT
  • Sat, 13 Nov '21   10am – 12pm GMT
  • Sat, 20 Nov '21   10am – 12pm GMT
  • Sat, 27 Nov '21   10am – 12pm GMT
  • Sat, 4 Dec '21   10am – 12pm GMT
  • Sat, 11 Dec '21   10am – 12pm GMT
  • Sat, 18 Dec '21   10am – 12pm GMT

This class is a very practical and skills-based session. You can expect to learn about the various aspects of image making- perspective, tone, colour, mark making, composition and other formal elements. You’ll gain the skills to deal with a variety of subject matter, and to understand how to choose the most relevant method of working for you and the subject.

Subjects covered include colour application, under-painting, blocking in, light values, reflected colour and blending and detailing techniques. at the core of all of this is drawing- a drawing is a way of finding out, of letting people know, of solving problems. Anything you do as an artist will be to do with drawing.

Classes run during Kirklees LEA school terms.

Refreshments and some materials are provided.

Important notice: If social distancing requires it, classes will be half sized and participants will spend alternate weeks attending online. If you’re unsure, give me a call or email: 07842111688, jamiefrost@me.com*


You won't need to bring anything to begin with but you may need to equip yourself with some basic painting materials as your work develops.


Drawing and Painting Saturday Mornings-during kirklees school terms.
Course ticket - for remaining 9 dates.
Available until Sat 11 Sep 10am
Please note the session dates might be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Published schedule is a guide (which I try to stick to!).

Sculpture Lounge
Holmbridge Mill, Bank Lane