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Sunday, 9 January '22   2pm – 5:30pm GMT
New Winton Village Hall, New Winton Cottages, New Winton, Tranent, EH33 2NH
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An amazing afternoon where you’ll be treated to a deep stretch yoga session by Janet Baxter. Tea/coffee and delicious GF treats and then a wonderful Gong Bath experience by Jo McCoy. “Just relax and let the sound of the gong take you where you need to go”.

This session is suitable for all (*except precautions mentioned below) and will be a deeply relaxing afternoon.

More about the Gong Bath (it's not an actual bath but instead become immersed in the powerful sound vibrations of the Gong).

The Gongs are agents of Transformation. The experience clears your mind so that you enter a deeper meditation state than you can usually go yourself.

For some people they may experience meditation briefly for the first time. For others, used to meditation, they can go much deeper.

What happens is that people seem to get what they need. The gong has been used for healing throughout time. Having a sound bath deeply rests the body.The combination of the mind stopping thinking so much and the body resting can bring about healing on many levels. Jo regularly has emotional and physical pain relief stories from clients.

Most people find the experience deeply relaxing and many report a great night’s sleep. It can be a challenging experience for some though – as the subconscious lets go of its fears. The integration from this experience can go on after the event – usually clearing by the next day.

You'll feel lighter, clearer and more peaceful.

Health precautions: the Gong Bath is not advised for pregnant ladies or a condition that may be triggered by sound.


Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and a pillow for your head. During the Gong Bath, there are lovely cosy faux sheepskin rugs to lie on, please could you bring a towel to cover your rug before you lie on it.

More information is in the conformation email upon booking.


Yoga & Gong Bath
1 available
Includes Yoga, Gong Bath, tea/coffee and delicious treat.


New Winton Village Hall
New Winton Cottages
New Winton
EH33 2NH


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