Habits, Biases and Beliefs with Peter Blackaby - IN PERSON

Jasmine Trust Yoga, Babworth Court, Babworth, Retford, DN22 8EW
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Course dates

  • Sat, 30 Oct '21   10am – 4pm BST
  • Sun, 31 Oct '21   10am – 4pm GMT

Habits biases and beliefs.

It has been said that up to ninety five percent of our behaviour is acted out unconsciously, this is profoundly useful as it economises our movement and thinking. Unconscious behaviour or habits come in two main categories those we seek to enhance or maintain like walking, driving or writing etc. Other habits we seek to disrupt, there are obvious ones like smoking or drinking but also tightening our shoulders or jaw, or getting angry or tearful inappropriately.

In this workshop I will suggest there are three main ways habits arrive; Ambient habits, those that seep into us from our surrounding environment , Conditioned habits, those we are led to believe are good for us, and traumatic habits, the response we develop when something happens to us that overwhelms our ability to maintain equilibrium. In understanding the nature of the habits we have formed we can develop better strategies to deal with them.

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NOTE - Sunday will be 9.30 - 3.30pm


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