Sunday, 27 September '20   8am - 9:30am
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Join Emma Bonnici for a special 6 WEEK KANGA YOGA COURSE starting next week Sunday 27th September.

Every Sunday 8 - 9.30am (GMT+1). This includes 6 weeks access to recordings so you never need to miss a session :)

We have limited spaces for this course. Kindly reserve your space by Wednesday 23rd September.

We understand that it may still be an unsteady time for some. so we decided to offer donation options for the course:

A - £120 (£20 a class)
B - £90 (£15 a class)
C - £72 (£12 a class)
D - £50 (£8.30 a class)

After payment, you will be sent the class zoom links for all 6 weeks and recordings.

Kanga Yoga is an energetic, alignment‐based flow yoga practice using music, gravity and breath to rediscover and rejuvenate the body and mind. The practice is inspired by the yoga teachings of Swami Sivananda, Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar, Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois, and the system of Ayurveda.

According to the Ayurveda system ("Life Science" in Sanskrit), people have different biological body types. A relaxed Yin Yoga practice may be good for one body type, whereas an energetic Yang practice may be best for alternate body types. Our biological energies vary according to our lifestyles. Ayurveda views illness as a result of an individual's imbalanced physical and/or mental constitution, and therefore seeks to gently bring a person's body and mind back into a healthy balance.

Kanga Yoga adapts the practice to the individual body type and energy. Each class deepens the student's yoga practice, whilst providing a practical understanding of yoga and offering the opportunity to focus on specific postures, benefit alignment and breath control.

Music is used in a Kanga Yoga class to help bring the body and mind into balance and harmony. Music itself is Hatha Yoga Sadhana; this involves disciplined control and regulation of controlled breathing. Moreover, the various musical notes have their own corresponding nadis (subtle channels in the vital sheath of the body) in the vital centres .within the Kundalini chakra's vital centres, and music vibrates the nadis as well as purifying them, which in turn awaken the psychic and spiritual powers that lay dormant.

Emma teaches with enthusiasm, care and attention to detail. She brings knowledge gained from her own personal practice and provides strong encouragement and support in her classes. Emma’s Yoga practice has always been inspired by her Indian teachers of Yoga & Ayurveda. Since 2006, she has been travelling between India, Kenya and the UK. 

During her travels and studies of Ayurveda she grasped the essence of teaching according to one’s body type and dosha, and also the healing power music. Emma believes our energy changes according to the place we live; the seasons and our lifestyle. She focuses on the energy of the students in her classes and incorporates elements of the different yoga practices with music into each class.

While teaching Yoga in Madhya Pradesh, Emma also wrote a weekly yoga column for The Hindustan Times national newspaper.  Upon her return to the UK in 2009 to run Kanga Events, her classes started being referred to as ‘Kanga Yoga’ by studios in London.

Emma is dedicated and passionate in improving people’s lives and empowering communities through the teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda. Emma regularly returns to India to practice with her teachers at the Sivandana Kutir ashram, the Yoga Study Centre (Bramacharya Rudra Dev), Patanjala Yoga Kendran (Usha Devi) and Tattvaa Yogashala (Kamal Singh).

Age range: Over 16


Book online to receive your Zoom link for the class-

You will be in our teacher’s capable hands you while you enjoy the comfort of your own home, from our teachers in theirs!

Please try and log on 5 minutes before the start of your Zoom class to get settled. It is ideal for your mat to be facing sideways so the camera is showing the side of your body for any physical classes.

After payment, you will be sent the class zoom links for all 6 weeks and recordings.


6 week course - Level A
A - £120 (£20 a class) B - £90 (£15 a class) C - £72 (£12 a class) D - £50 (£8.30 a class)
6 week course - Level B
A - £120 (£20 a class) B - £90 (£15 a class) C - £72 (£12 a class) D - £50 (£8.30 a class)
6 week course - Level C
A - £120 (£20 a class) B - £90 (£15 a class) C - £72 (£12 a class) D - £50 (£8.30 a class)
6 week course - Level D
A - £120 (£20 a class) B - £90 (£15 a class) C - £72 (£12 a class) D - £50 (£8.30 a class)
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