Introduction to Embodiment for Yoga Teachers (online workshop)

Sunday, 28 June '20   10:30am - 12:30pm
Introduction to Embodiment for Yoga Teachers (online workshop)

EMBODIMENT – It’s Not What You Think

People often ask me: What is so special about embodiment training? Isn't yoga embodied anyway? Yoga certainly can be embodied. However it often is not practised or taught in an embodied way, and the yoga world can learn a lot from the broader field of embodiment.

Embodiment training offers us a set of skills and tools to promote awareness and choice, and to support creative, fun and skilful teaching.

Awareness of how you are, how you move, what you do and what you want to do as a human being in a human body is important. Embodiment is how you express yourself in the world.

We influence ourselves and others with and through our bodies. Often we are not fully conscious of how we do this.

As yoga teachers, we influence our students from the moment they walk through the door of the yoga studio or log into our Zoom room. We influence with what we teach, how we teach it, how we get our students to practice and always through what we embody, consciously and unconsciously.

Embodiment training offers a lot of creative possibility and empowerment in terms of how we want to be and how we want to be seen. This workshop will take you through some simple tools that can help you to:

  • Become more aware of your own embodiment – on and off the yoga mat
  • Easily access simple tools to enhance the way you teach
  • Find some inspiration for the planning and delivery of your classes
  • Make your yoga class more accessible to a wider range of people
  • Transfer yoga skills into life off the yoga mat (and teach this to your students too)

For those of you who teach online or wish to teach online we will also explore being able to teach online an embodied way.

Level: For yoga teachers

Age range: Over 18


This workshop will be held online, on the Zoom app. For best results, you will need to download the Zoom app to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you have the choice, I recommend using the device with the biggest screen for your own viewing comfort. You only need the free version of Zoom to be able to attend a session hosted by someone else. For smartphones and tablets you can get it on the App Store. For computers, use this link to download Zoom:

Once you have downloaded the app, please click on the link for the class you want to attend (see emailed booking confirmations for the specific link to this workshop). Please join with your audio/microphone and video camera on. It is worth you having a play beforehand if you are new to Zoom. I will arrive approximately 10 mins. early to assist with technology as much as I can.

Have your mat and yoga block, and/or a cushion and blanket ready with you. Put yourself somewhere clear and spacious if you can, check for trip hazards and move things out of the way that you might knock over. If you have toddlers and pets crawling all over you then join in anyway, it's OK. ​


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