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Beyond Talking Heads (Ahmed Achrafi) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

Tuesday, 20 August '24   10am – 5pm CEST
Konstkollektivet, Pixbovägen 5, Mölndal, 431 36
Beyond Talking Heads (Ahmed Achrafi) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP


In this workshop students will explore techniques to effectively utilize stage space, create compelling theatrical frames, and enhance the interplay between performers and their environment. Through exercises focusing on spatial awareness, blocking, and ensemble dynamics, participants will develop a deeper understanding of how to inhabit and interact with space in improv scenes. By the end of the workshop, students will gain confidence in utilizing space as a dynamic storytelling tool, fostering stronger connections with their fellow performers and enriching the visual and emotional impact of their improvisations.

Ahmed Achrafi

Ahmed Achrafi, navigating the world of performing arts since 2011, wears many hats as a freelance actor, dancer, performer, teacher, and corporate trainer. His journey includes earning a Bachelor of Arts in Acting from the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA), reflecting his dedication and formal training in the field.

Currently, Ahmed finds joy as an acting/improv teacher and performer at The Courtyard Playhouse Dubai. He also values the simple yet transformative impact of improvisation with diverse individuals. For Achrafi, it's about enhancing human skills and fostering playfulness, a philosophy rooted in his commitment to continuous personal and professional growth.

In addition to acting, Ahmed completed the 3-year professional dance program at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center, showcasing his love for versatile expressions. His performing arts journey includes heartfelt training at The Actor Studio Cairo from 2011 to 2017. Since 2018, he has been a part of the theater improvisation troupe Irtigalia, the first improv group in Cairo opening doors for this form to grow and evolve in a new area. Ahmed contributes both as a performer and a grateful teacher.


The workshop is suitable for performers with all levels of experience.

Konstkollektivet, Mölndal
Room: Mörkret



Beyond Talking Heads (Ahmed Achrafi) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

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This workshop will be in English.From Mölndals centrum you can take the bus 751 LILA Express from Mölndals Bro to Gamla torget. And then walk about 600 meters.
900,00 kr


Pixbovägen 5
431 36