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Hosting 101 (Erica Maity) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

Monday, 19 August '24   2pm – 5pm CEST
Konstkollektivet, Pixbovägen 5, Mölndal, 431 36
Hosting 101 (Erica Maity) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP


Hosting is one of the most important, least practiced skills in the improv world - a host is responsible for creating energy, reassuring the audience, and setting up teams for success, but they have to do it without becoming a focal point or a distraction.

Together, we'll workshop ways to intro shows to best suit the teams playing (including learning some volume boosting vocal warmups!), host games in clear, concise and fun ways, and troubleshoot what to do when things go wrong.

Erica Maity

Erica has been improvising for ten years, teaching for three. She was a staff teacher at Florida Studio Theater under Will Luera (primarily teaching Harold classes). In Eindhoven, Netherlands (where she is now based) she leads drop-ins, coaches long form, and has developed and taught an eight week Intro to Long Form course several times. She specializes in working with international groups of students for whom English may not be the first language. In addition to teaching and organizing, she has performed in Europe with the teams Seven with Wine, As Seen on TV and Same Old. Most of her time these days is taken up with her job as Artistic Director and Head of Production for Impro Amsterdam.


The workshop is suitable for performers with all levels of experience.

Monday 19 August
Sal: Mörkret
Konstkollektivet, Mölndal



Hosting 101 (Erica Maity) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

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This workshop will be in English.From Mölndals centrum you can take the bus 751 LILA Express from Mölndals Bro to Gamla torget. And then walk about 600 meters.
450,00 kr


Pixbovägen 5
431 36