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The serious duo - the workshop (Anton Romanus & Agnes Edvall) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

Monday, 19 August '24   2pm – 5pm CEST
Konstkollektivet, Pixbovägen 5, Mölndal, 431 36
The serious duo - the workshop (Anton Romanus & Agnes Edvall) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP


In improvised theater we often just scratch the surface of the relationships and miss the true potential of the scene. In this workshop we’ll encourage you to dig deeper both within yourself and the collaboration with your scene partner. Through honesty, bravery and active listening we will work towards putting the human experience on stage. We’ll work with subtext, connection, physicality and acting techniques to bring the audience real characters, real relationships and real stories. This workshop is based on the work we’ve done with our duo-project The Serious Duo to develop our show Between the lines.

Funny, serious, nordic. Nothing to be afraid of!

Anton Romanus & Agnes Edvall
(Göteborg, Sverige)

Anton and Agnes started improvising together in the group Gbgimpro in 2013, they created their own duo in 2017 and premiered the show Between the lines the same year. With the focus on more dramatic impro, but not wanting to take themselves too seriously, the duo took the tongue-in-cheek name The Serious Duo. They have both taught and performed in Europe, USA, Canada and most recently at Impro Amsterdam and at ImproEM in Munich.

Anton Romanus:
Anton is theater director, teacher and improviser at Gbgimpro and has been a member of the group since 2012. Anton began his theatrical career on the board of the Gothenburg Student Theatre. He was one of the founders of the theater sports group Rattle in 2005, which for many years competed and won theater sports competitions in and outside of Gothenburg. Since then, Anton has both taught and performed impro in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, Holland, USA and Canada. Outside of Gbgimpro Anton has played comic long form with Anders Fors in the duo Puppy. And in recent years focused on more grounded, dramatic work, both at Gbgimpro and together with his duo-partner Agnes Edvall, under the tongue in cheek name The Serious Duo. Anton also loves animals and often looks for opportunities to play animals on stage.

Agnes Edvall:
Agnes Edvall is an improviser and teacher with a background in scripted theatre. She’s been a member of Gbgimpro since 2015 and is the former artistic director of Primalimpro. She has been involved with several duos and trio projects outside of Gbgimpro, one of them being The serious duo with Anton Romanus. She’s played and taught workshops in various corners of the world such as the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, and Austria, and now and then you can find her in the director's position. With a variety of styles in her arsenal, improvised drama is one of the things close to her heart. Trust, playfulness, and truth are three of her keywords when she enters the stage, and she is determined to stop improvising the day she thinks she’s found the “right answer”.


The workshop is suitable for performers with all levels of experience.

This workshop will be held at Konstkollektivet, Mölndal
Room: Spegelsalen



The serious duo - the workshop (Anton Romanus & Agnes Edvall) IMPROFEST WORKSHOP

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This workshop will be in English.From Mölndals centrum you can take the bus 751 LILA Express from Mölndals Bro to Gamla torget. And then walk about 600 meters.
450,00 kr


Pixbovägen 5
431 36