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Book an archery slot 🎯

Sunday, 15 January '23   7am – 8am GMT
Lintman Archery Club, Bagshot Road, Sunningdale, South Ascot, SL5 9JU
5 spaces available
Book an archery slot 🎯


Book a time slot for individual or household target practice.

Targets and distances are not pre-assigned, choose your required distance when you turn up, however be prepared to be flexible if your preferred distance is not free.


Please use one of the target faces in the cabinet in the main shed.
Target pins are usually left in the left and right hand sides of the target boss, although if needed additional pins should also be available in the main shed.

For archers who have recently completed a beginners course, please remember to bring the loan equipment with you.
There are wooden bow stands in the shed along with a bow stringer, which should be returned to the shed once you have finished with them.


Book an archery time slot

15 available
Each ticket represents one of the available time slots to shoot at the range.Up to 4 people from the same household can shoot on the same target/ticket.
Group ticket for 1-4 people


Lintman Archery Club
Bagshot Road
South Ascot