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"Eff off New Year - It's time to Stretch and Relax"

Sunday, 7 January '24   4pm – 4:45pm GMT
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Early January in this part of the world (South West Ireland) is not the time to force new habits on yourself. All the signals from nature are to stay quiet, peaceful and continue replenishing inner resources during the long nights and cold days. I admit I'm desparate to race into Spring but Nature takes her time to warm up and so should we.

It feels against our own soft, mammalian nature to start bouncing around trying new fitness habits, or depriving ourselves of our favourite things. It's not supported by the neuroscience either. The best way to change habits is to start small, avoid shaming ourselves and start from a well resourced place. A brain that is already contending with poor sleep, poor nourishment, over-worked kidneys (hello Christmas and New Year celebrations!) is not in a good state to make difficult changes.

This is why I wanted to share 45 minutes of stretching and relaxing to gently remind your body of how good it feels to move.


This is an online workshop so clear some space and do whatever you need to make sure you won't be disturbed for 45 minutes.



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Zoom - Online