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DEEP RESET Yin and Nidra Relaxation Evening - at Mow Cop

Thursday, 11 August '22   6pm – 7:30pm BST
Mow Cop Community Hall, The Old School Rooms, Mow Cop, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 3PJ
Only 3 spaces left
DEEP RESET Yin and Nidra Relaxation Evening - at Mow Cop


Cosy up in the gorgeous Mow Cop Comunity Hall for a deep reset for mind and body.

Hot herbal tea for the belly
Yin Yoga unwind for the body
Nidra dream state meditation for the mind
Essential oils for the senses
Reiki, Indian head massage and tibetan healing vibrations for the heart

Deep relaxing stretch with a yin yoga class to melt away into your evening. Yin yoga is a series of Very passive yet intense stretches and very meditative. Holding these asanas for 2-7 minutes to release the fascia connective tissues and relieve tight stagnant spaces in the body and mind.

Restoring the body with some relaxing asanas using props such as straps, blocks and blankets to help find ultimate comfort and ease aches out of the body, finding relaxation and cosiness.

Ending with the best part- Yoga Nidra, which is a very deep meditation (in a dream like state but not asleep) that if you can stay with the meditation without snoozing it equates to 4 hours sleep and you’ll come out feeling very fresh and happy ✨ it just takes some practice ✨

£20 per person.

Please bring with you :
Mat, bolster/pillow, blanket
Love Madison x

Absolutely no refunds.
Please contact Madison if you can no longer make it.


Yoga mat, blanket, pillow and warm clothes.


Deep Reset
3 available
Thursday 6-7:30pm


Mow Cop Community Hall
The Old School Rooms
Mow Cop

The hall is next to the church on the corner. There is a small car park.