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YOGA WHEEL + Wellness at Mow Cop Community Hall

Thursday, 17 February '22   6pm – 7pm GMT
Mow Cop Community Hall, The Old School Rooms, Mow Cop, Stoke-on-Trent, ST7 3PJ
Only 3 spaces left
YOGA WHEEL + Wellness at Mow Cop Community Hall


Wonders of the Wheel Workshop in beautiful mow cop community hall.

Join Madison on this beautiful evening in the gorgeous hall with big beams and gorgeous windows for our favourite workshop using the Dharma Yoga Wheel prop. Lets open our hearts, release tightness from the whole body and find balance for mind body and soul 🌸✨

You will begin with a welcome hot drink and mindfulness meditation.

You will then continue into a soulful, heart opening, wheel practice consisting of various asanas using the Dharma Yoga Wheel prop to find new balance. Come and release any knots from the body, clear the mind, stretch into bliss with assistance from the wheel to get deeper and try new range of movement, challenge your core in a fun way, open the heart and deeply inspire your practice.

We will end with a cosy meditation with essential oils, sound healing using singing bowls and grounding sounds from tibetan singing bowls and chimes.

You will learn delicious stretches, fun balances, find your breath and even get upside down! Beginners welcome, All guided to suit your individual needs.

We hold so much stress and tension in our bodies. Using the Dharma yoga wheel you can reach new levels are awareness and breath, trying poses you never thought you'd be able too and find new inspiration. Guaranteed to boost your mood and leave you floating home!

The yoga wheel is such a fun prop that Madison and her students have used for 4 years and enjoys incorporating into their daily asana. Madison now shares her knowledge and experience of the yoga wheel and this beautiful practice with you all, with amazing tips and guidance from the Yoga Wheel founder himself Yogi Varuna.

Mow Cop Community Hall, ST7 3PJ
Car park on site - be careful if icy weathers as the car park isnt gritted so park on the street if so

£15 per person
If you need to reserve a wheel to borrow please email straight after booking.

If you have any prior injuries or ailments please inform Madison before attendance she can adapt the class. Every pose you do is at your own risk as inversions and balances can be tricky when first learning but all safety measures will be put in place so you feel comfortable. Nothing is mandatory.

No refunds.
Contact Madison directly to cancel to discuss your options.
This event is high in demand so if you can no longer make it please inform Madison and we can try and sell your place to someone on the waitlist.

Book via this site or email or contact Madison on 07476053453

Looking forward to it, love Madison xxxx


yoga mat, blanket, yoga wheel (if you don't have one please email Madison to reserve one).

Wear warm clothes.


Yoga Wheel and wellness at mow cop
3 available


Mow Cop Community Hall
The Old School Rooms
Mow Cop

The hall is next to the church on the corner. There is a small car park.