Becoming a Fletcher: Arrow Making

Michigan Folk School Campus, 7734 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105
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Course dates

  • Sat, 24 Oct '20   12pm - 6pm
  • Sun, 25 Oct '20   12pm - 4pm

Phffft is the satisfying sound of a just-released handmade arrow arcing its way to the target. The process of building arrows is an intricate art that is often overlooked. The craft process is truly form following function. In this class we will work with materials including Port Orford Ceder shafts (matched perfectly for your bow's draw-weight and draw length) and sealed with a hand-rubbed polyurethane finish. Feathers will be installed using a professional fletching jig. Nocks will be properly aligned with the grain of the wooden shaft. Field tip points will installed for sure penetration. The quality and precision of the half dozen arrows that you make will surly delight and impress.

With the knowledge that you gained, we offer an additional studio workshop the following day that will enable you to create many more arrows using our equipment with a bowyer available for any questions.

On the registration page please include your style of bow, the poundage, and your draw-length. This will help us insure having the materials on hand to best meet your needs.


Single, including supply fee
Course ticket - for all 2 dates.
Additional arrows are be priced per piece at $7.50.

Michigan Folk School Campus
7734 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48105