Bliss out Mummy

Tuesday, 2 October '18   7:15pm - 8:15pm
Hoole Community Centre
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"Bliss Out Mummy" is a unique restorative and regenerative yoga class specifically designed for modern day mothering needs.

The class is suitable for any woman who is thinking about starting a family, pregnant women looking to prepare to be a mother and all mothers. This class will be your support system to help you prepare for the lifelong bliss of being a graceful, empathetic and present mother. Here you will meet not only women who are on the same juncture as you are on this journey… but women who have gone before you and women who are just starting to think of becoming a mother.

This class welcomes all… single mothers, parents within a same sex couple, grandmothers, mothers who adopt, mothers who seek IVF, mothers who have family at a distance, mothers who find going to baby groups a struggle and of course mothers who have managed to take everything within their graceful stride and live life as much as they can.


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Hoole Community Centre