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Nature's Living Room CIC

Nature's Living Room CIC offers informal, therapeutic sessions in nature to anyone who needs them.

Nature based space for people of all ages and abilities to create, play, gain skills and feel at home in the outdoors.
We facilitate a fun and safe environment for people of all ages and abilities to:
Learn, play and explore
Nurture participants’ self-esteem and confidence
Focus on the mental and physical well-being of all participants
Empower people of all ages through self-directed learning
Foster communication skills, empathy and emotional literacy
Encourage independent thinking and problem-solving
Instill an appreciation for our natural environment

We plan to achieve this by:
Giving regular long-term access to an area of natural woodland
Providing fun creative and physical activities
Spending time together without rushing through agendas
Building on the innate curiosity and motivation within all of us to learn and engage
Encouraging appropriate risk-taking
Teaching woodland and other creative skills at appropriate levels
Passing on knowledge about the flora and fauna of the woods
Taking into account different learning styles
Giving responsibility and choice
Typical activities include den and shelter building, campfire cooking, slack line and hammocks, group games, story time, crafts and tool use, exploring and learning about the woodland environment.
Our main base is in Target Woods, just outside Hexham, and although we are now set up as a CIC, we have been running similar activities there since 2012, and pre-covid had an established regular programme of events. During the pandemic hiatus, we have strengthened our governance bringing foremer beneficiaries on board as directors, and refocused our priorities onto supporting people to recover good mental health and formalise our mentoring and training for young people.

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