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FOR PRIVATE BOOKINGS https://bookwhen.com/samilouprivate | FOR EVENTS https://bookwhen.com/samilouevents


1 Class is £10
Book 2 Save £2 - Within 14 days ON HOLD
Book 4 Save £12 - Within 28 days ON HOLD
Book 6 Save £15 - Within 92 days ON HOLD

Once confirmed please make sure you understand our Cancellation Policy. There are No refunds.

You can change day/time of your class as long as its 8 hours before the class starts and within the days of your deal or you will loose it if you can’t make it.

There are NO refunds for Samilou’s Studio Classes, private’s, parties or workshops. You cannot offer out or re-sell your ticket.

If you cant make a class within the cancellation time frame please cancel your ticket online, you will loose it but it will go back into the system and anyone on the waiting list will receive an email announcing new slot.

If you are more than 20 mins late for a session you will forfeit that session unless agreed by your Instructor / coach / trainer. Payment is still due. NO exceptions.

Please make sure you understand the cancellation policy. There are NO refunds.

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