SpringField Church Wallington

Over the Summer Holiday we will be having some informal Meetings in Carshalton Park Play Area at 10-11am every Thursday.
If you are part of any of our groups feel free to join us.
Springers is our 0-5 year old group (This used to be called TipToes),
MiniChurch is our Sunday 0-5 Year old group,
RoadRunners is our Sunday 5-11 year old group,

If you are part of our Springers family you now don't need to book but if you have joined any of our Sunday group activities please click through to here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/159856251351 for further bookings as well as our Family Gatherings!

We look forward to seeing all who can join us over the next few weeks!

Our Risk Assessment is here:

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