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A regular practice has been the biggest gift in helping me to remain grounded and connected to myself, others and all that I do and I would love to support you in finding that for yourself. I know it can seem like life keeps getting busier and finding the time or gathering the discipline to just BE with ourselves can seem impossible or too indulgent. To overcome the obstacles that may hold us back, like travelling to and from a yoga studio, tricky to create the time around work and family, or too expensive to practice frequently at a studio, I have created a weekly online schedule to help you overcome the hurdles, commit and delve deep into a regular practice in the comfort of your own home

I N S T R U C T I O N S for 'Zoom' virtual classes:
Download the free app 'Zoom' (https://www.zoom.us)
Create a Zoom account. IMPORTANT: the email address that you use for your Zoom account should be the same as the email on your Bookwhen account
Book your virtual class online (at least 30 mins prior to the class starting) here at Bookwhen - again, make sure you provide us with the same email address you used for your Zoom account
You will get an email (at least 30mins before your class starts) containing information about the class / time etc. IMPORTANT: on this email there will also be a meeting ID and password that is needed to log into the class that you have booked onto
Alternatively on the email, there should also be a LINK where you can simply click and it should take you straight to the online class
When you’re ready for the class, click the ‘join’ icon (under the meet & chat icon) Type in your meeting ID and password This should take you directly to the class.
PLEASE NOTE: Please MUTE the Zoom Audio once you are signed in so the class can operate with the least background disturbance.

WAITING LIST - please do join the waiting list if your selected class is full - you will be notified through email/text message if a space becomes available.

Look forward to seeing you on the mat. Please share your experience on social media & tag @wild_soul_yoga

*First online class free. Use promo code: WSYFREETRIAL

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