Nutrition During the Childbearing Years: A Woman's Cycle, Nutrition & Fertility

Saturday, 6 January, 2018   10am - 12pm

Cost: $35/class, or all 4 classes purchased in advance $100

A Woman’s Cycle, Nutrition and Fertility
We will discuss natural variations in a woman’s cycle; diet, lifestyle and medication choices that alter our cycle and those that can help to regulate it; risk/benefit analysis of various birth control methods (short term and long term effects); and the role these factors play in fertility.

Following Classes:
Saturday, January 20th: Nutrition During Pregnancy
Saturday, February 3rd: Nutrition During Lactation
Saturday, February 17th: Nutritional Needs of Infants through Adolescents

Taught by Madeleine:
Madeleine desires to help people become informed and empowered in their health decision making, helping them attain their optimal health. Madeleine offers comprehensive, scientific information and
analysis so that you will be able to make now and in the future the healthiest decisions for your life. She has been rigorously trained through the Nutrition Educator program at the Wellness Forum Institute for
Health Studies. She offers workshops, group sessions and individual sessions for a wide variety of conditions and situations including women's health, pediatric health, specific ailments such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, asthma, allergies, autoimmune, migraines, GI health, sports nutrition, as well as assistance in dietary pattern changes, including cooking classes, pantry cleaning, guided grocery shopping and menu planning.