Parenthood in Movement: Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop

Saturday, 29 February '20   11am - 1pm
10 spaces available

Yoga can be a valuable tool to support birthing mothers and their partners in staying present, focused and relaxed through the intensity of birth and beyond. This gentle movement workshop offers couples an opportunity to go deeper in their connection to each other, their babies and their own intuitive wisdom. Together you’ll learn how to confidently navigate all phases of labor with breath awareness, massage and partner poses. Movement allows for us to explore and release underlying emotions trapped in the body. This workshop is a safe place to have the chance to touch in to your expectations, excitements and fears about your upcoming birth experience. Furthermore, partners will learn skills for self-care and creating a safe and calm environment for birthing.

Note: Please wear comfortable and flexible clothing. It is recommended that Mothers come with Father of the baby, however the Mother may bring another support person (Partner, Spouse, Friend, Doula, Family Member, Neighbor, Co-worker).

Cost: $45 per couple


Prenatal Partner Yoga
10 available