Love, Laugh, Pump

Saturday, 21 April, 2018   2pm - 3:30pm

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A class just for moms! We will cover pumping, milk storage, breastfeeding beyond the newborn and the importance of self care. It's a great discussion class as moms exit the fourth trimester.

Pumping: proper care of pumps and pump parts, tips for getting more milk, tips for keeping your milk production up and ideas for different pumping schedules

Breastfeeding: breastfeeding beyond the newborn stage, stages of development, night nursing/weaning and maintaining your milk production

Self care: we all hear about it, how can we implement it? We'll talk about ideas for carving out time for yourself whether you have support or not. And why it's so important!

If you are planning to go back to work or school, we can share tips for that as well!

Class is taught by Katie DaMota, IBCLC, postpartum doula and mother. She has been supporting new families for 30 years beginning as a nanny and childcare provider years before she realized how pivotal her passion for babies would play out. She is the founder of the Nest and a big advocate for healthy, happy mamas!

This class is $25 and great for anyone with babes over 8 weeks (you can join us sooner if you're ready)