4 Hour Film Challenge | Take-part | Alphabetti | Adults

Sunday, 4 August '19   12pm - 4pm
Alphabetti Theatre (main-stage), Saint James Boulevard, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 4HP

12 Teams of filmmakers. 24 Actors. The clock starts ticking at noon

Could you make a film in just 4 Hours? Enter your team today!

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At noon, we'll provide you with a suggestion and two pro actors. You've then got 4 hours to run off and make your mini movie, screened that very evening.

You need a ‘let’s make a movie right now attitude’, and your own filming and editing equip. You can come hi-tech, or shoot on your phone. It's up to you. You can be a pro, or an aspiring filmmaker, or enthusiast to take-part.

Starting at 7pm, the films will be screened in the theatre to a live audience, your competitors and our panel of judges. At around 9pm, the Trophy could be yours!

Entry is £20 per team (so a fiver each for a team of 4) and this includes a buffet after the challenge, and before the screenings.

It’s fun. It’s crazy. It’s a brilliant networking event, but more than that, it’s a celebration of creativity, ingenuity, guts and thinking on the fly – a challenge all filmmakers face as they try to create something from nothing (usually budget).

The 4 Hour Film Challenge has a long history. First presented as an experiment at The Cumberland Arms in 2006 as part of The Suggestibles’ 2nd birthday celebrations, it grew to play theatres and cinemas across the Northeast, Leeds and Liverpool. This is an exciting revival as the closing event to Newcastle Improv Festival. And hey! It should be a bit easier, cos back in the day, we had to use tapes!

So, if you’re up for the challenge and the most creative day you can imagine, form a team, and grab your place in the fastest digital shootout on this planet or any other!

Take a look the Actors taking-part

[Watch a short behind the scenes documentary of a previous challenge](https://www.thesuggestibles.co.uk/4-hour-film-challenge-documentary


Your team should arrive at 11.30 at Alphabetti Theatre to register.

You can be a pro, or an aspiring filmmaker, or enthusiast to take-part.

Team sizes are a maximum of 4 (plus the actors we provide) cos that’s about how many we can fit in the venue for the screenings. You can have pals help out, but we’ll only have room and food for 4. And TBH, less is most definitely more on this shoot. Too many heads, too many ideas can slow you down, and 4 hours goes very very fast!

Film should be no longer than 4 minutes, give or take. It’s not a problem if they’re shorter, but we’re showing 12, so we really don’t want much longer.

The suggestion must be integral to the film. This in an improv challenge after all!

The 2 actors you are given must play the lead roles in your film (although you can have a thousand supporting artistes if you want). Play with your actors. Listen to them. Follow their talents. See some of the actors taking-part.

The clock starts when all actors and suggestions have been allocated.

The films must be returned within the 4-hour time limit. These can be handed in on a USB stick, or external drive, or rendered and ready on your laptop to be easily transferred to our Macbook which will play all the films. Any late arrivals will still be shown but can’t be considered for the trophy. Films will be screened in order of arrival.

Team members and actors must agree to shared usage of the film made, and Newcastle Improv Festival and the Suggestibles as producers of the festival, access for sharing as a legacy to the fest, and for promotions of future events.

You won’t know what suggestion or actors you’ll get till the day, but you can prepare. Get your equipment checked and rechecked. Throw a bag load of props that could come in handy in the car. Make sure there’s petrol in the car. Get a load of common license tracks on your laptop. Prepare some of your credits. Think up a few useful locations in advance you know you could film at. And think about sound! Background noise. How you gonna get decent sound? You could go without dialogue, or go with voice over, music. Then, be prepared to throw every idea you’ve had away and run with what sparks you on the day. Don’t take it too seriously. Have fun!

Thanks to Picture Canning North for their support towards the 4 Hour Film Challenge awards and the spread - and to the Cumberland Arms for making it


Team Ticket
Available until Fri 2 Aug 10am
Ticket for filmmaking team of up-to 4 members (so just £5 each for a team of 4). You can have a smaller team if you like. It's up to you! Newcastle Improv Festival is unfunded. We have sponsorship from Picture Canning North for the Trophy and spread. The team ticket fee helps towards the costs venue hire, tech and staffing of the challenge.

Alphabetti Theatre (main-stage)
Saint James Boulevard

'Accessible' theatre, bar and cafe area on the ground floor. Up to 2 wheelchair spaces available in the theatre per event.