BIO CPD day Sunday November 25th 2018 referring patients

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TBC 10mins from Junction 11 M4 motorway Reading Berkshire

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Who can we refer too and why should we consider?

This is the BIO members annual CPD day 2018 - this event is also open to non BIO members, see below for details.
This year we will be exploring the needs and reasons for referring patients to practitioners with specialist expertise. Often we find that medical tests are 'inconclusive' because they are not looking for constitutional reflex connections.

A simple example maybe those patients who have 'knee problems' when MRI, ultrasound, X ray and blood tests are all negative. GIT issues, pelvic torsions and even foreign bodies like uterine coils, can all produce 'knee pain'. In these cases local palliative work will not 'hold' or often work.

Sometimes our patients will plateau in their recovery, this needs to be understood in the context of the recovery pathway. It may be that their bowel can't cope with the offload of waste stimulated by constitutional treatment aimed at removing obstructions to health. The bowel may become especially irritated by certain foods or just too tired to clean.

Breaking habits, like over-breathing need specialist training to combat. Sometimes we need ways of looking at the patient's history of suppression that can reveal events not in the verbal case history.

Opening up reasons and solutions to moving a stuck patient is important. In my 18+ of constitutional practice I have sought out various ways to get a patient back on line for recovery.

Basic outline of the day so far
The following speakers have confirmed and I personally have used these 'referral services' with great success with my patient load - here is a brief summary.

We will begin with a presentation on various constitutional cases including - Lupus, reflex liver, reactive arthritis and childhood eczema by Howard Beardmore DO. This will act as a basic introduction to the other speakers, outlining areas of their expertise that I have drawn upon to support case recovery, management and clinical diagnosis.

Gill Hart - clinical director of York Test laboratories

York Test's unique resource is brilliant for identifying irritating foods that can divert the healing processes away from where they are needed. Using a postal service the client can finger prick a blood test via a plasma separator and this can be analysed for specific reactions. The full food test covers hundreds of foods, more details can be found here on their website

Gill has been fascinated to hear how I have used York Test to reduce unnecessary inflammation in chronic patients and has many success stories herself to share on the day too. Within the EBM fallacy of specifics, this work really highlights how patients can only be considered in a 'control group of one'. Often patients present with a medical diagnosis syndrome which implies the same 'treatment protocol' medically. Constitutionally, however, this is rarely the case.

Linda Booth colonic hydrotherapist

Over the years, Linda has gained an impressive array of qualifications in a number of natural health disciplines, including being one of the few Mayr medicine-trained therapists in the UK, having studied at the world-famous Viva Mayr Clinic in Austria, under the tutelage of its Medical Director, Dr. Harald Stossier, rated as one of the top 5 digestive health doctors in the World.

Linda is well versed in the narrative of Tilden, Lindlahr and Shelton, an important factor in referring for any specific support. It is important that the colonic therapist has a constitutional narrative when applying their craft, in a sense we are not 'treating pathologies', we are removing obstructions to health. Poor bowel function is a major obstruction to wellness and sorting that out requires skill, knowledge and experience. Linda has all of this and more!

Dr Succar clinical iridologist

I first met Dr Succar some 25 years ago where she took a digital photograph of my eye and 'unpacked' my 'health history'. On the day Dr Succar will demonstrate a clinical iridology session with a name drawn from the hat!
On the BIO course I have often referred to my own lay observations in the iris with regards to bowel and various organ indications. Seeing this being done on the big screen from an expert is going to be fascinating, Lindlahr was a famous iridologist. This presentation will include the historical background and conclude with a live analysis.

Linda Meads Buteyko practitioner

Linda Meads training was initially in the Classical Buteyko method taught by Alexandra Stalmatski who is the link directly to Buteyko. She then qualified in the Buteyko Institute Method in 2004, and has, over the past 12 years, expanded her knowledge of normalising the breathing by further training with experienced Buteyko senior practitioners.

I have found that patients who have poor breathing patterns are constantly creating at the very least an inflammatory lung condition. Without this habit being dealt with, it is almost impossible to move a chronic patient out of chronicity. HB

Leon Lewis celebrated wild food chef will be providing a hot buffet lunch for us all to share.

Whilst all speakers are presently confirmed we retain the right to substitute speakers on the same subject with others of equal if not greater ability when in the case that circumstances beyond our control dictate. Hopefully this will not be necessary!

There are a few places for non BIO members who wish to come to this event.

Cost of event £200.00 for non BIO members.
Current 2018/19 BIO Practical Course delegates only £70.00

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TBC 10mins from Junction 11 M4 motorway Reading Berkshire