Ride Forever Gold CRUISER Course

dinsdag, 17 april '18   09:00 – 17:00 NZST

Cruisers are great to ride and they really stand out. But they need very customised skills to make them ride like a dream.
In this cruiser focused course you’ll learn how to corner properly, stop efectively and even how to handle a footpeg scraping the road in a tight lean.

You’ll get on-road training from riders who really know their stuff .

Be in to win $1500 worth of safety gear!!

Take a cruiser course on a weekday (Monday to Friday) and you’ll also go in the draw to win $1500 worth of safety gear, which, let’s face it, every rider could use.
Add the brain power to your horse power and sign up now. It’s the best split-second decision a cruiser rider can make.

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