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Healing with Olivia Wood - Sacred Gatherings, Ceremonies, Shamanic Yoga

Olivia Wood is an experienced yoga teacher, healing therapist and transformational facilitator. She brings a warm, open and grounded energy to her gatherings, creating a safe and sacred space for the whole of you to show up and feel welcome.


"The classes weren’t just yoga, they also provided a spiritual journey. Helping to break down barriers to bring the group closer together. Sometimes it felt like being in an episode of the vikings. Not something that I’m used to but I highly enjoyed the experiences." - David

"I felt I was in a trusted space. Thank you." - Beena

"Olivia is truly passionate about healing and how she connects to the people that she's sharing her magic with!” - Artem

"There is a big difference between a good instructor and a talented one.” - Ed

From 1 Feb 2023
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