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Healing with Olivia Wood - Sacred Gatherings, Ceremonies, Shamanic Yoga

Olivia Wood is an experienced yoga teacher, healing therapist and transformational facilitator. She brings a warm, open and grounded energy to her gatherings, creating a safe and sacred space for the whole of you to show up and feel welcome.


"Olivia teaches beautifully and gently. I felt I was in a trusted space. Thank you." - Beena

"Olivia is truly passionate about healing and how she connects to the people that she's sharing her magic with!” - Artem

"There is a big difference between a good instructor and a talented one.” - Ed

From 22 May 2022
May, 2022
23 Mon 9am BST Find Your Sadhana 💜
24 Tue 9am BST Find Your Sadhana 💜
25 Wed 9am BST Find Your Sadhana 💜
26 Thu 9am BST Find Your Sadhana 💜
27 Fri 9am BST Find Your Sadhana 💜
13 Mon 7:30pm BST Sacred Witness ⭕️
12 Tue 7:30pm BST Sacred Witness ⭕️
11 Thu 7:30pm BST Sacred Witness ⭕️
9 Fri 7:30pm BST Sacred Witness ⭕️
8 Sat 7:30pm BST Sacred Witness ⭕️
7 Mon 7:30pm GMT Sacred Witness ⭕️
7 Wed 7:30pm GMT Sacred Witness ⭕️
Times shown in timezone: London