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Beginners Course in Somatic Movement

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Beginners Course in Somatic Movement

Course dates

  • Wed, 19 Jan '22   10am – 11:15am GMT - done
  • Wed, 26 Jan '22   10am – 11:15am GMT - done
  • Wed, 2 Feb '22   10am – 11:15am GMT - done
  • Wed, 9 Feb '22   10am – 11:15am GMT - done
  • Wed, 16 Feb '22   10am – 11:15am GMT - done
  • Wed, 23 Feb '22   10am – 11:15am GMT - done


Do you want to move better and feel more yourself again? Then join me for this 6 week Beginners Course in Somatic Movement on Zoom.

This past year of pandemic has taken quite a toll on our lives and the stress is manifesting in our bodies and minds with pain and tension. Somatic Movement is a wonderful and highly effective way of beginning to release that stress and take back control of our movement again. It works by engaging the nervous system in our practice and giving the brain more healthy movement choices. Over the course of the 6 weeks we will learn the key principles of somatic movement and cover the foundational movements to enable you to relax the muscles which have become chronically contracted over time. You will also receive support in between classes to help you develop your own home practice both on the mat and in daily life. Somatic movements are gentle & effortless, mostly done lying down on the mat but also seated or standing. Despite their gentleness the effects can be profound and lead to greater freedom, joy & confidence in our lives. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions prior to joining the course!


Please choose a place to practice in your home where I can see you, somewhere warm and welcoming where you won't be disturbed. You can practice directly on the floor or on a yoga mat. If you can please set up your practice space horizontally to your device so that I can see you clearly lying down. You may wish to play around with this beforehand! A folded blanket or small cushion can be helpful for side-lying movements. The session will open at 9.50 to arrive and say hello and I am available after class for questions and feedback (much appreciated as I am still a somatic movement teacher in training!).


Beginners Course in Somatics on Zoom
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